About Lauren

My passion is

helping others. 

I started my legal career as a prosecutor in the Bronx County District Attorney’s office. I helped people. I helped victims get justice. Then, after a decade working as an attorney in big law representing companies, I returned back to my passion – helping people.


When you celebrate,

I celebrate.

When I decided to leave the practice of law, I very quickly realized that working in the professional development coaching industry was the obvious next career move for me.  I love helping people, listening to them and asking lots of questions.  And, that's exactly what I do as a coach. 

Since 2015, I have partnered with the firm Naomi Beard & Associates (www.naomibeardinc.com) in providing executive coaching and professional development consulting for attorneys and law firms. Through LBR Coaching, I am happy to provide my executive coaching and accountability partnership services to clients in any industry. 


With all of my clients, I partner with them every step of the way as they work towards achieving their goals. And, after every step they take, we celebrate ... because every step deserves to be celebrated.